Meet NYU Prague Ambassador, Katherine K.!

Throughout the semester, you will have the opportunity to hear from NYU Prague alumni to gain their firsthand insight and tips.

Today, meet Katherine K., who studied in Prague in Fall 2015.


Major: Finance

If you could go back in time and do one thing differently, what would it be?  Explore more of the Czech Republic outside of Prague. I was so focused on traveling as much as possible & seeing Prague that I did not focus on the Czech Republic other than going on two NYU trips, but there is so much more to see.

What advice would you give about housing? I was worried about having to live with random roommates again, but I ended up loving my roommates & traveling with them so it worked out very well for me.

Name two things you should not have packed.  My suit, I thought I would need it for an internship & ended up not getting an internship & the ones that people had, you didn’t have to dress up formally.  So many notebooks & pens, I thought I would be taking many more notes than I actually did so I had to leave most of it behind.

What two things do you wish you had packed?  More toothpaste, the flavors in Prague are very different & I did not like it very much. More nice attire for going out, I had to wear the same few outfits because I went out at night way more than I thought I would.

What was the most interesting course you took and why?  Modern Dissent. Professor Jan Urban has so many personal stories that he relates to each lesson which makes every class extremely intriguing.

What do you miss most?  The atmosphere, meaning the architecture & street structure of Prague. The city was beautiful and extremely different from New York, and the streets were so open and not crowded, which was great as well.




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