Internships at NYU Prague: Academic vs. Non-credit

Internships are a great way to become part of a community in Prague and learn about the culture from another point of view. At NYU Prague, you have a wide array of choices – some of which are very competitive, and others which are open to all.


NYU Prague students have the opportunity to participate in a for-credit internship program that includes an internship seminar and field work course.  NYU has partnered with EUSA, a non-profit organization to find specific placements for students depending on their interests.  The deadline for applications to this program has already passed; if you have more questions about it, please contact


NYU Prague has a plethora of opportunities for students who want to do internships but don’t have time in their schedules to do one for credit. Journalism, business, non-profits, teaching, film…. we work with over 20 local organizations, plus we produce our own webzine and podcast at NYU Prague. You can see the list of internships on our website– most are offered every semester.  In mid-August you will receive an internship packet with final listings; applications are due on August 30 (see below for more info about applying)

Opportunities in Media: 

Students can also intern at the news agencies Project Syndicate and Transitions Online – organizations that have hired former NYU Prague students upon graduation. “Transitions Online gave me a glimpse of working abroad as a trial for the future,” one student noted.  Some students choose to write longer, investigative articles for the New Presence, a Czech-English magazine in Prague.

We also have three fantastic, hands-on opportunities produced at NYU Prague:

  • The PragueCast podcast team works with Prague’s BBC correspondent.  Listen to the latest episode- a great 30-minutes of sound by students who delved deep underground, from riding with the driver in a cab of the Prague Metro to spelunking in the country’s deepest cave.
  • The Prague Wandering is led by journalist Dinah Spritzer-Richter Professor, a regular contributor to the NY Times.  In NYU’s only study abroad webzine, students write about politics, culture, food, sociological issues for a world-wide readership.
  • NYU PRAGUE NOW! is our latest internship, a blog started by a team of Media, culture and communications students this semester to document the exciting activities of fellow students as they experience the city of Prague and the magic of Europe. We want it to continue to run in the future – consider joining the NYU Prague Now! team next semester!

Non-profit organizations:  For people interested in humanitarian work, Prague is a fantastic place to do an internship.  Students can work for one of Central Europe’s largest humanitarian organizations, The People in Need Foundation, which provides relief aid all over the world and organizes Europe’s largest human rights film festivals. The Muliticultural Center in Prague gives students a fantastic chance to learn about complicated issues of immigration in the Czech Republic. You can also volunteer at Forum 2000 – a world-reknowned conference founded by former Czech President Vaclav Havel; delegates have included Bill Clinton, His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Nobel Prize winner An Sang Siu Chi, Bono,… Amnesty International takes an NYU Prague intern every semester.  You can work in the field of philanthropy to combat global poverty with Synergos Institute, or work for Political Prisoners – an organization that records oral history of former Czechoslovak political prisoners.

Business:   Business students often work at some of our nonprofit organizations helping with marketing, social media – there are many opportunities at the media organization Transitions Online and Project Syndicate (see above under media).  Next semester we will have opportunities for students to intern at Credo Ventures, a venture capital firm in Prague.  Sometimes students intern at the international law firm Central European Advisory Group – one of our oldest and most competititve internships (not offered every semester). Students have also learned about global mobility by working for the Graebel Relocation Agency.

Teaching: One of our most popular internships is at the Londynska Elementary School, a Czech school where small teams of NYU students work with 1st and 2nd graders learning English. “If you are interested in learning and interacting with Czech children, this is the most organic way to do so. It was a great cultural experience for both the children and myself!”  A more challenging -and highly rewarding- teaching opportunity is teaching English conversation at the Jedlicka Institute – a school for high school students with physical disabilities.

Film:  Our students have helped coordinate casting sessions with Emmy-award winning Nancy Bishop.  “I was able to get an inside look at the casting side of the film industry, which was exactly what I wanted.”

HOW TO APPLY FOR NON-CREDIT INTERNSHIPS – The application deadline for  non-credit internships will be Tuesday, August 30 (after orientation).  We have an internship fair during the orientation week in Prague where students meet internship mentors.  If you already know the internship you want, you can send in a resume and cover letter to NYU Prague internship coordinator Leah Gaffen in advance at  For a few of the internships, this can increase the chance of being selected – but not necessarily.  If you have any questions, please write to Leah Gaffen,


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