Meet NYU Prague Global Ambassador, Manasa G.!

Throughout the semester, you will have the opportunity to hear from NYU Prague alumni to gain their firsthand insight and tips.

Today, meet Manasa G., who studied in Prague in Spring 2015.Prague_Manasa Grandhi

Major: Finance & Economics; Minor in Computer Science

What is your favorite memory about your time abroad?  Studying abroad in Prague was absolutely wonderful, and I loved how central the Czech Republic was in Europe. This facilitated easy travel, and I was able to easily explore so many new cities and countries every weekend. One of my favorite memories from abroad was when my friends and I rode our bikes all over Seville, Spain and saw so much of that beautiful city up close. Seville is gorgeous and racing my friends around the streets made my experience even more fun!

What was the most interesting course you took and why?  I loved my Religion, Politics, and Culture class with Professor Petr Mucha because I was able to explore the streets of Prague with unique sightings and understand the Czech Republic’s history in the larger context of Eastern Europe. There was constant class discussion and my peers really challenged me to think about religion, politics, philosophy, and tradition differently.

Name two things you should not have packed.  I brought a lot of dresses and summer clothing that I didn’t get to use until the end of April and May. It would’ve been better if I had packed more warm clothing, hats, and scarves.

Many of my friends brought hair dryers, straighteners etc, which I do not recommend bringing because you’ll need a converter to match and even then, these appliances may be dangerous and can fry your hair! If you really need, you can buy a cheap appliance in Prague.

What two things do you wish you had packed?  I wish I had packed a portable phone and camera charger because there was a lot of walking and traveling around, often without time or a place to charge my phone conveniently.

ALSO, I really wish I brought travel-size bottles for soap, shampoo, etc. so I wouldn’t have had to buy the small samples every time I went on a new trip.

What do you miss most?  I absolutely miss the views of Prague, the local markets, the gelato, and the ability to go dancing every weekend! I accumulated so many great memories in Prague, and more than anything, I miss meeting so many new people and being able to spend every day with friends.

If you could go back in time and do one thing differently, what would it be?  It would’ve been great if I could’ve taught myself a couple of new languages so I could speak to the locals and really immerse myself in the culture. 🙂

What advice would you give about housing? First and foremost, the RA’s are very approachable and will help you with any of your concerns so don’t be afraid to ask a million questions! Secondly, take advantage of the more intimate settings for housing in Prague – knock on doors and meet new people that you wouldn’t have had the chance to meet in New York!


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