Health Forms Available for Pick Up

All students  are required to have updated health forms on file with NYU’s Student Health Center before studying away.

NYU students in NY – NYU students were required to submit their health forms before the start of their fist year. You do not need to submit new forms unless significant changes to your health history have occurred since your initial enrollment at NYU. If this is the case, please plan to stop by the Health Center before the end of the semester to pick up and complete your student Health History Form. You should go to 726 Broadway, 3rd Floor to pick up your forms.

NYU Abu Dhabi students, NYU Shanghai students, & NYU New York students currently studying away – you don’t need to worry about these forms right now. If you need to submit any updated health information, the Health Center will reach out to you directly.

Visiting students – NYU’s Student Health Center will send your required medical forms to your permanent address.  You can expect to receive them in late June/early July.

Have questions?  Email or call 212-443-1199.

All forms should be completed and returned to the Health Center by Friday, July 29.


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