NYU Prague Trips

NYU Prague has over 20 day and overnight trips every semester – all with small groups, free of charge, and with an emphasis on going off the beaten path.  You can see a sample of our trips on our website as well as read about some of them on the student blog NYU Prague Now!  You  will get a list of the trips for Fall 2016 in mid-August and can sign up during orientation.


Academic excursions are organized by professors and staff for specific groups (often extra spots are opened to other students).  Students who write the best essays at the end of orientation are selected to go on a free trip to Berlin.  The trip introduces students to a once-divided city that is now a hub of European contemporary culture.  Music students visit the city of Beethoven and Mozart on a weekend trip to Vienna, tasting the opera as well as Sacher torte in famous Viennese cafes.  On a more somber trip, students visit Terezin, a fortress town used by the Nazis as a concentration camp during WWII.  Other classes often go on field trips outside of the city to events, such as conferences or to visit the Czech Supreme Court in Brno.

Cultural Immersion trips are one of the most meaningful ways to get understand in Czech culture.  On our Political Prisoners trip, students go to the site of uranium mines in the west of the country, guided by a former prisoner of conscious.  The trip – coordinated with a nonprofit organization that archives memories of former political prisoners- brings NYU students together with local high school students to help translate the prisoners’ testimonials.  On another trip, students meet Roma activists who are working to end discrimination against the Roma minority – one of the largest ethnic minorities in Eastern Europe.   Students can also stay with Czech families in small towns near the mountains on our home stay trips, sampling Czech home-cooked meals and the beauty of the countryside.  We also have volunteering trips where students can help on specific projects, such as helping fix community homes for people with disabilities- painting, building walls, cleaning, etc.

Student Life Excursions  Our staff and RAs organize numerous excursions – taking a train to a gorgeous castle, spelunking in caves, “taking the waters” in a famous spa town,  meeting sheep on mountain hikes…. every semester is a bit different depending on festivals and the season, but the trips are always a fantastic way to get to know parts of the country you never would have imagined existed!


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