About NYU Prague Faculty

Former students often say that what they like about NYU Prague is how accessible and dedicated the professors are – many of whom are members of government, leading musicians and working journalists. It is indeed these connections that give them the ability to provide unique insights about the most pressing topics of the day.

How do Europeans and Americans see each other? Students in the class European American Relations in the 21st Centurylearn about the complexities of the European migrant crisis and other issues with the former Czech Minister of Foreign Affairs Josef Zieleniec. The class Imagining America, Imagining Europe, American Literature from a European Perspective with Hana Ulmanova – a regular broadcaster on Czech public radio – gives students an inside view on how Europeans view the USA through stories and literature.

Several of our professors teach classes that explore the legacy of Communism – including Monika MacDonagh Pajerova (Civil Resistance in Central and Eastern Europe), Vanda Thorne (Collective Identity in a Totalitarian Regime), and Jan Urban (Modern Dissent in Europe). They have started to work in close cooperation with a non-profit called Political Prisoners, archiving the atrocities committed by the Communist regime and visiting uranium mines where prisoners were forced to work.

Jeremy Druker (Social Media Networking) runs a Prague-based organization that supports international journalists working in regimes that do not support a free media. NYU Prague marketing students from Hana Huntova’s class helped shape the campaign, even coming up with its name “Press Start.”

Our music students work with some of the most famous Czech musicians. Students in Michal Rataj’s Electroacoustic Composition class always create fascinating pieces inspired by local sounds and even history and culture of this region. At the end of the semester, music students also perform with their professors at the Gala event in some of Prague’s most prestigious music

The city is your classroom for many of our courses.  Professors often take students on field trips, visiting 1000 year old churches, going to the Czech Supreme Court or playing on Baroque historic instruments.



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