NYU Prague Fall 2016 Trips

Every semester students can choose from various overnight and day trips that take them far off the tourist track, giving unique perspectives on this region and experiences.  All trips are covered by tuition, and group size usually doesn’t exceed 20.

The trips are divided into several categories: academic trips, cultural immersion trips, and student life trips.


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These trips are linked to specific course at NYU Prague. Many classes at the site are dedicated to taking students out of the classroom to the places where history happened; these often include day and overnight trips outside of Prague.


One of the most satisfying ways to get involved in Czech culture is to get to know the people.  And one great way to get to know people is by going on one of the cultural immersion trips, which include the option of homestays and/or volunteering.

Every semester we work with a local non-profit organization that takes both NYU and other local university students on volunteer brigades outside of Prague.  Students have painted  walls and cleaned bricks for and helped renovate the historical buildings that make up a community center for  people with mental disabilities.

Students often go to the easternmost part of the country to  meet Roma activists, learning first hand about the culture of and the discrimination faced by the Roma people (also known as Gypsies), one of the most significant minorities in the Czech Republic.

NYU Prague also has partnerships with several high schools outside of Prague; students visit English classes and stay overnight with Czech families.


Usually students know very little about the Czech Republic – a bucolic country surrounded by mountains and dotted with medieval towns and thousands of castles. These trips – both overnight and day trips- take students to some of the most famous sites as well as to hidden jewels of Europe that only the locals know about.



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