What Should I Be Doing Now? Recap of Deadlines

Although it is summer, there are still some items to complete leading up to your departure.  This is also a great time to catch up if need be.  Please take the time to review the below and take action where necessary.  Note that some items are now PAST DUE. For more information about each item, please click the links:

[Past Due] Complete the online Study Away Module

[Past Due] Register for courses (12-18 credits)

[By July 29] Visiting Students: Submit a photo to the NYU ID Center (Current NYU Students – do not forget to bring your NYU ID with you!)

[By July 29] – Submit health forms to the NYU Health Center

[By August 1] Submit your flight details into the Study Away Confirmation Portal AND NYU Traveler

[By August 9] Pay your ebill


Approved Visa Page

Students who applied in New York but who have not received their visas are reminded to check the consulate’s Approved Visa page.  Remember that unless you are an EU/EEA/or Swiss passport holder, you must have a visa inside your passport when you arrive in Prague for the Fall 2016 semester. It is not enough for your visa to have been approved, the visa must have been placed inside your passport.

Please contact OGS at ogs.outbound@nyu.edu or 212-998-4242 if you have any visa-related questions.

E-bills Received

NYU’s Office of the Bursar has now sent out electronic bills (e-bills) to all registered students for the fall semester.

As an NYU Prague student, you should also have your fall Prague housing placeholder charge posted – all students must pay this amount by the due date. Once the final housing placement has been made, the e-bill will be adjusted, resulting in either a credit or an additional charge. The final charge will appear on your e-bill within 2-3 weeks following the start of the program.

Bills are due by August 9th! If you have not received an e-bill (remember, this is only sent to your NYU email account), you can still access your e-bill as follows:

  • Log into NYU Home (home.nyu.edu)
  • Click on the Academics tab, then click on Albert Login
  • Click on the “Student Center”
  • Click on the “View Bursar Account” link located under the Finances menu
  • This should link to the secure eSuite website

Submit Flight Details by August 1

If you haven’t submitted your flight details into the Study Away Confirmation Portal yet, please do so as soon as possible, and no later than August 1.  This will allow staff directly in Prague to plan for common arrival times and keep an eye on flights to see if there are delays.  Although the housing application itself is no longer accepting changes within the portal, you can still log in to submit flight details.

In addition, please also submit these into NYU Traveler, which goes directly to NYU Public Safety.  It should only take you a few minutes and you can get started by taking the following steps:

If you have questions about filling out this form, please refer to this step-by-step guide.  Should any technical problems present themselves while entering your information into NYU Traveler, you may contact traveler.support@nyu.edu for assistance.

Become a Wasserman Global Peer!

Deadline: Friday, August 5th Interviews will be August 15 & 16

Studying away during the fall 2016 semester and interested in building your leadership skills? Become a Wasserman Global Peer! Peers are study away student leaders who help coordinate, promote, and present career development content. Learn more about the position here (link to document I emailed) and apply here.

NYU ID Cards

Getting your NYU student ID, known around campus as your NYUCard, is now easier than ever.

First-time card holders: visit photoid.nyu.edu to submit a photo online and, once approved by the NYUCard Center team, have your NYUCard created. Visiting students, please submit a photo ASAP so it can be processed and sent to your study away site ahead of your arrival.  The final deadline to submit this is Friday, July 29.

Note:  If you receive an automated message after submission instructing you to pick your card up at the ID Center, please disregard.  Your ID will be sent directly to NYU Prague.

Current and returning students:  Please remember to bring your NYU ID card with you to your study away site! Apply for and pick up a replacement card if you need one by visiting the NYUCard Center or respective campus location, depending on your school. For details, please click here.

E-Bills Coming Soon & Setting Up Direct Deposit

The NYU Bursar will send bills via email on July 19.  Please keep an eye on your NYU email account for your NYU Prague bill. You can also log directly into eSuite to view your billing statements.  These will be due in full by August 9.

Visiting students, if financial aid money from your school is going to transfer to NYU and/or your school pays on your behalf, it is okay if these anticipated payments arrive after the bill becomes due. Only the portion of the bill that you are personally responsible for paying directly to NYU must arrive by the due date.  

Additionally, if you anticipate receiving any portion of your bill in the form of a refund, we recommend setting up direct deposit with NYU.  Instructions on how to do so can be found on the Bursar’s website here.

Note: you can make your parents an “authorized user” of your e-bill account, if payments are typically made by them. For instructions on how to set this up, please see here. Questions about the e-billing process? View the Contact Us page on the Bursar’s website to reach out.

*Tisch Professional Track Students: Your costs may vary slightly, so make sure to refer to the Tisch Special Programs website!

Visa Application Submission

All students should be making significant progress in applying for their visa at this point. The majority of students should now have applied, or have plans to within the next week or so.

If you are struggling to apply for your visa, or are encountering any difficulties, please contact Aaron Reynolds at OGS immediately (aaron.reynolds@nyu.edu; 212-998-4128).

Study Away Confirmation Portal Due June 15

Throughout the past few weeks you have received information and access to the Study Away Confirmation Portal.  This is a final reminder that your housing application, required forms, and housing reservation payment) are due June 15.  Please ensure to meet this deadline so local staff can begin making assignments and preparing for your arrival.  You will receive your housing name and address about 1-2 weeks ahead of arrival.  Information about roommates will be provided when you arrive.

As discussed in the pre-departure orientation, when filling out the housing application, please remember to have an open mind and flexible outlook.  Given the number of students attending, we want to honor requests where possible, but know that this is dependent on your peers’ requests as well as availability.  Please feel free to be in touch with me  if you have particular concerns – NYU Prague staff and I want to assist as best as possible.

Lastly, please note that the portal also has a section for you to input your travel details. These are due by August 1 (only the housing portion closes June 15 – you can log back in to submit travel details if you don’t have them yet).  This is critical so site staff are aware of when you intend to arrive and can keep an eye on any delays that may occur!  The earlier you can submit these the better so staff can get a sense of common arrival times.

Passport Upload Fixed

The passport upload, managed by OGS, is now functional again.  If you have not already done so, please upload a copy of your passport via this link. If you have already uploaded a copy of your passport using the above link or emailed us a copy, you do not need to complete this step again.

If you have yet to complete the Student Information Form, please complete this step as well.  Note that both the Passport Upload and the Student Information Form are PAST DUE!

OGS will be contacting students who have not completed these steps, as they are vital to ensuring your immigration progress is on track.  To avoid receiving these emails, please complete the above steps as soon as possible.