Phone Service

How do I get a phone for use abroad?

  • For your safety, we strongly recommend all students have a cell phone that works locally.  It’s usually easier – and cheaper – to get a cell phone pay-as-you go plan in Prague than to use your U.S. plan. You can get a plan from O2, Vodafone or T-Mobile with pay-as- you-go minutes. You can either unlock your smart phone and just replace the SIM card when you get to Prague (if you have a GSM phone), or you can buy a cheap phone there from one of the service providers.


  • During orientation, NYU Prague site staff will show you were to get phones and how to set them up. You’ll also have a land line in your room that dials for free within the Czech Republic.  If you prefer, some phone companies, such as AT&T, also offer study abroad plans that allow you to keep your U.S. number and pay lower rates. Ask your provider!


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