Most countries require all non-citizens to obtain some kind of visa or entry permit in order to live, study, work, or intern in their country, even if it’s only for a short time. Even if you believe that you do not need a visa, you may need to gather and present supporting documentation beyond what would normally be required of a tourist.

All students attending NYU Prague, except E.U. passport holders, must obtain a Long-Stay Visa for the duration of the program. The Czech visa process can take 3-4 months, so it is important that you begin this process from the day you are admitted. Failure to obtain the correct visa before the start of the program will prevent you from studying abroad. The Long-Stay Visa is good for 4 months. Students planning to stay for a full academic year will receive additional information about how to extend the length of the visa once in Prague.

The Outbound Immigration and Mobility Services section of NYU’s Office of Global Services (OGS) will be your main contact in navigating the immigration and visa process. OGS will contact admitted students with information on how to access GlobalChek Plus (GCP), a self-service immigration tool created to help users find specific and up-to-date visa and entry information for future study away travel. Answer five simple questions and GCP instantly advises whether a visa is needed, outlines the required documentation, and the entire immigration process.

What is a Visa? It is an official stamp issued by the Czech government that gets affixed to a page inside your passport before you depart for the Czech Republic. You must present it to immigration control when you arrive in Prague. You must have a long-stay visa because it is not legal to stay in Prague for your semester without it.

The Czech Consulate is not affiliated with New York University. The Consulate is an entity of the Czech national government that issues visas and performs other functions. Please keep in mind that Consulates may independently create and/or change their requirements for obtaining a Long-Stay Visa at any time without notification.

1. Obtain a valid passport – signed, have one blank page, and expire three months after the end of the program.

2. Fill out the following Student Information Form (SIF). Be sure to indicate if you still need to obtain or renew your passport. Once you have a passport, valid for 3 months following your stay in the Czech Republic, proceed to upload a copy of it to OGS using the Passport Upload Form. You must enter information EXACTLY as it appears in your passport, including complete middle name.

3. Confirm the type of visa and required materials needed. All admitted students will have access to GlobalCheckPlus, an online tool that will help determine next steps based on specific inputs (citizenship, type and length of program, etc.)

4. Gather all necessary materials. Admissions materials will be provided by OGS. Other items will be listed in output from GlobalCheckPlus.

5. Apply for visa in person at your local consulate.

6. Go abroad!

International Students: Additional Considerations

  • Depending on citizenship, some programs may be more difficult or easier to obtain required immigration status.
  • Fall semester may be easier to apply and receive student visa.
  • Online self-service visa and immigration tool – GlobalCheckPlus – will soon be open to all NYU students. Can be used to check immigration entry requirements for different programs based on citizenship.
  • Maintaining F-1 Status while away will require additional steps; visit the Study and Research Abroad page for more information about what you need to do before you leave/return to the US.